A week ago I visited Ananda Crystal Hermitage Garden, to see the reported 17,000 tulips they plant every year. I’ve never seen such an incredible variety of tulips in one location, with countless colors and shapes! They also do a fine job of combining colors in each flower bed. If you haven’t been I’d highly … Read more

Sandhill Cranes at Sierra Valley

Last weekend we went to Sierra Valley near Sierraville, California to see springtime birds. We saw a few but it seemed early yet, with none of the usual spring arrivals like Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Avocets, etc. What we did see, though, were a few pairs of Sandhill Cranes! This sequence is of a male that was … Read more

Lake Tahoe in Winter

Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to be at Lake Tahoe after several feet of fresh snow. It was challenging because of the amount of snow but well worth it! I was with three other people and we snowshoed in pretty deep snow to get to different locations. It was an amazing trip … Read more

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