A week ago I visited Ananda Crystal Hermitage Garden, to see the reported 17,000 tulips they plant every year. I've never seen such an incredible variety of tulips in one location, with countless colors and shapes! They also do a fine job of combining colors in each flower bed. If you haven't been I'd highly recommend it. The grounds are very beautiful and the staff very friendly and welcoming.

The day I visited was after it rained, so there was a lot of moisture on the tulips, which makes for interesting images.

Pink Tulip

I love the delicate pink of this bloom.

White Tulip

I couldn't resist turning this white tulip into a black & white image. I think it accentuates it's elegance.

Pink Tulip 2

I like the gentle folds on this one.

Frilly Tulip

I was attracted the wonderful textures of this tulip.

Red Tulip

One of my favorites...


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